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New Non Profit Launches in Brunswick County

We are so excited to launch Brunswick County’s very first nonprofit organization rooted in movement education. Everyone loves music and everyone loves to move! These are quite possibly two of the greatest gifts we’ve been given as humans on this planet. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to music and movement education for various reasons. It is our mission, through the CMA organization to open doors to make this type of education available and accessible to the youth in our county, regardless of socioeconomic factors. 

Let’s look at Misty Copeland, for example, American Ballet Theater’s first African American ballet soloist. If it were not for outreach organizations she would not have been introduced to the world of ballet. It was because of after school programming that ballet was made accessible to her. She excelled because mentors helped guide her along a remarkable journey that eventually became her career. She is now responsible for inspiring an entire generation of others through her talent. 

Kids need inspiration. They need positive role models and mentors to inspire passion and allow them to explore the infinite possibilities that are available to them. Brunswick County lacks in associations, clubs, and organizations that support our at-risk youth population. We do not have a YMCA or Girls and Boys clubs in place. There are zero community centers in our county geared for the younger generations. The majority of our youth in Brunswick County are bused to schools that are challenged to provide arts programs, healthy nutrition instruction, and extracurricular programs outside of organized sports. What about the kids that are not sports minded? What activities, organizations, or clubs do we have available for them? 

It’s not fair to put all children in the same category, and to assume they have the same interests and the same access to opportunities. We already know from educational physiologist and theorist Howard Gardner that children do not learn the same. His theory of multiple intelligence is proof that students have an array of learning styles. It may seem impossible to teach to all learning styles, however, using a mix of media or multimedia, the learning becomes easier. As we understand learning styles, it becomes apparent why multimedia appeals to learners and why a mix of media is more effective. It satisfies the many types of learning preferences that one person may embody, or that a class embodies. Which brings us back to the importance of arts programming and curriculum – we must teach to the whole person so that they grow into a thoughtful and productive individual.

Community Movement Alliance hosts a variety of ways movement education can be implemented in our school system. Our curriculum spans ancient eastern disciplines such as tai chi and the practice of yoga to more western, modern disciplines such as hip hop and ballet. In-school and after-school classes are available. It is our intention to broaden the scope of these disciplines, moving them out of the private studio setting and into a wider realm of teaching and learning by making them accessible to all students. 

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Carolina Soul Festival is the area’s only annual dance, fitness, music, health, and wellness event. Now in its third year, the purpose of Carolina Soul Fest is to create and encourage a culture of wellness and respect for the earth in our community through an awareness of health, nutrition, fitness, relaxation, cultural arts, music, and mental attitudes. It is an opportunity for festival goers to experience new offerings of yoga, music, and food while meeting like-minded individuals.

Taking place on Saturday, April 13th from 11a.m. to 5p.m., Carolina Soul Fest will draw nearly 1,000 attendees to the undeveloped, unspoiled venue in Calabash, North Carolina at 9480 Ocean Highway (Highway 17), where they can dance, laugh, practice yoga, eat delicious food, partake in craft beer and wine, and make new meaningful connections.

New at this year’s festival is Goat yoga. Movement Works instructors will lead yoga practice in tandem with miniature goats provided by Taylor’s Blueberry Farm of Leland. Also new, a Pooch “Canine” Parade, sponsored by VCA Seaside Animal Hospital and Dog Daze Mobile Grooming and Pet Supply.

As always, attendees can experience a Kids Zone jam-packed with fun, engaging activities including ninja warrior style obstacle course to play on, and a fairy princess garden with face painting and necklace and crown making. This year’s live bands include Digger T Trio of Little River, SC plus Rob Ronner of Wilmington and The Sea & Sand Band from Sunset Beach. There will also be 60 vendors offering transformative products from skin care, jewelry, clothing, healthy drinks and snacks, gardening, and clothing for your pets.

The Carolina Soul Fest experience wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors and donors. This year, we’d like to thank J & J Heating and Air, First Bank OIB, Coral Tree Salon and Day Spa, Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts, Dr. Henry Lepore Southeastern Medical of Sunset Beach, Holden Brothers Farmer’s Market, BEMC, ATMC, Sidelinger and Sidelinger Accounting, Dr. Chris Isenhour Oceanside Family Medicine, VCA Seaside Animal Hospital, Primp My Pooch, and Dog Daze Mobile Grooming, Woodmen Life of Shallotte , and Level Up Physical Therapy for their generous support.

Admission is $5 per person, with children under 10 free. Rain date is the following weekend. For more information visit or call 910-579-4845.

Proceeds from the festival support Community Movement Alliance, Inc. a non-profit organization in Brunswick County that encourages the voices, minds, and futures of South Brunswick County’s marginalized youth and their families for the purpose of personal transformation through movement-based education in the disciplines of dance, martial arts, and the practice of yoga. Visit for information.