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Pooch Parade

Rules & Regulations

Dogs must be pre-registered for the parade by submitting form. Upon arrival dogs will be lined up by ABC order. 

Limited to 25 pups, first come first serve via entry form submission.

Registration fee is $5 and will be paid upon line up and signing of waiver and release form. Proceeds support Community Movement Alliance.  

All dogs must be on a leash with ID tags and licensed. 

Female dogs in heat will not be permitted. 

Children under 12 with dogs in the parade must be accompanied by one adult. 


Each participant’s human will complete and sign a waiver that reads like the following waiver below prior to the parade.

In consideration of the opportunity afforded me to participate in the 2019 Carolina Soul Festival Pooch Parade sponsored by VCA of Seaside, Dog Daze Mobil Grooming & Community Movement Alliance; and in recognition of the possible danger to which I may voluntarily subject myself, my child and my dog to in participating in said contest, I hereby knowingly, freely and voluntarily waive any right or cause of action, of any kind whatsoever, arising as a result of such activity from which any liability may or could accrue to the sponsors listed above and/or its agents, employees, sponsors, directors or any other entity which may or could be construed to be liable.