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Dance Residency

Community Movement Alliance’s Arts and Education Residencies are specially designed to meet the developmental needs of children and to support their teachers and parents. CMA Arts in Education Programs serves grades K–12 and hosts a variety of dance based disciplines to meet the individual needs of each school during school hours. Our in-school residencies encompass a variety of dance genres and forms, including Ballet, Modern, Creative Movement for children, Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop.

Our program is available year-round and can last anywhere from a two-day workshop/master class to a year-long residency.

Our Residencies bring professional teaching artists into your school to lead students through an extended series of dance workshops that engage students with the cultural arts through motion.

All residencies include:

A planning meeting

Weekly 45-minute lessons with a teaching artist

A reflection meeting with classroom teachers

A fully-costumed culminating performance for friends, teachers, and parents

Educators also have the opportunity to participate in Professional Development Workshops that introduce key dance concepts and ways to integrate them into classroom curriculum. Additional programs can be added depending on the needs an interests of each school. 

Sample Residency Themes:

Choreographic Conservation. Students will experience the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in innovative ways as they choreograph and improvise with conservation in mind.

Creating Context. Building inference skills through dance, students will view, develop and interpret their choreography to support inference proficiency.

Force & Motion. By exploring simple machines and motion through improvisation and choreography, your students will gain deeper insight into the relationship between force and work, and have fun doing it!

Through these unique residencies and workshops students explore the elements of dance and choreography alongside professional teaching artists, developing their creativity as well as analytic and abstract thinking, interpretation and problem solving skills. Residencies focus on the techniques and processes that support contemporary dance and may also connect to many other areas of study, such as developing creativity alongside analytic and abstract thinking, interpretation and problem solving skills. All residencies clearly connect with NC K-12 Arts Education Essential Standards and Curriculum