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Sharing Mindful Movement Practices

After School Programs

Our MOVES program offers a holistic dance, yoga, and martial arts-based curriculum where we are dedicated to giving our students both the joy of movement and of stillness. We inspire students to express themselves authentically through a variety of classes for all levels and ages, designed to uplift ones spirit while strengthening the body. Our programs emphasize leadership, community service, academic excellence, physical fitness and cultural arts awareness. Through movement-inspired, motivational group fitness classes, we help set our communities youth in motion toward a healthier, brighter, and overall better lifestyle.​

Funk Fitness: 6th grade + 
Funk Fitness is a high-energy fitness/cardio hip-hop program using the hottest urban music from Hip-Hop (old and new school), Reggae, House, Top-40, R&B, and Electronic. What’s better than getting fit and enjoying it at the same time? This program encourages the participant to move their body in new and creative ways. It’s more than a workout; it’s a cardiovascular fitness class that also tones and firms muscles. Weight training is incorporated but is always optional. The class will target areas such as the lower body, upper body, and core. Students have such a great time dancing that they don’t realize the physical impact of the process.  In Funk Fitness, students will easily be able to learn choreographed dances paired with a combination of fun music, and an enjoyable classroom dynamic! 

Creative Movement: K-2nd Grade
Children expand their range of movement vocabulary in a fun and playful manner, enhancing coordination, musicality, and movement dynamics. Children are encouraged to think creatively and listen attentively while developing rhythmic and spatial awareness. With emphasis on creative expression, students explore fundamental dance concepts such as contrast, levels in space, directions and balance, among many others. A variety of dance disciplines can be introduced in Creative Movement such as ballet, jazz, modern, African and Latin. ​

Creative Kids Yoga: K-2nd Grade
Yoga comes to life in these fun and creative based classes designed to stimulate a young child’s growing curiosity. In our after school programs, we will come together in a positive space to explore and celebrate children’s natural energy and enthusiasm through yoga. Students will learn poses, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques while maintaining a playful, fun class experience though games, props and music. Classes focus on building self-confidence, corporation, strength and concentration.  Children are encouraged to express themselves while learning the basic yoga principles of respect to self, others and their community at large. 

Kids Yoga, 3rd-5th Grade
Expanding minds and maturing bodies come together through independent and group activities that stimulate their physical strength, emotional balance and self-confidence. Classes integrate traditional yoga poses, flowing sequences, breathing exercises, deep-relaxation and meditation techniques as well as guided self-reflection. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga. Group discussions and valuable activities create a positive environment that supports self-esteem, body appreciation and tools for stress management.

Tween Yoga, 6th – 8th Grade
Open hearts, minds and bodies build self-esteem, confidence and cooperation in this time of transition. This program offers the perfect compliment to other physical activities and sports. This class brings our signature fun-filled yoga to a space just for tweens. Spirited, flowing sequences, increasingly challenging balancing poses, arm balances, back bends and inversions (handstands!) will be introduced along with partner poses and community-building yoga games. This class also features breath awareness, meditation and restorative postures to promote self-awareness and relaxation. All tweens are welcome to learn and experience these practices for life-long physical and mental well-being!

Teen Yoga, 9th – 12th Grade
The teenage years are an in-between time that is heaped in change. Yoga offers teens a way to find a stable ground as well as acceptance of these life changes. This class empowers the individual, strengthens the body, flexes the imagination, and adds a spark of creativity. Teens establish a meditation practice that relaxes as well as stimulates the mind to be taken into young adulthood. Students will learn the basics of various breathing techniques and basic Hatha yoga postures such as sun-salutations, headstands and back bends. 

Youth Martial Arts Program 
Our classes provide a martial arts education in a kid-friendly environment combining fun, fitness, and solid character development. The curriculum taught will teach your child the skills they need in a safe and welcoming environment. Your child will love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with working toward a goal. Participants will learn the eight virtues of the martial arts, which offers your child the opportunity to be a part of a group of positive, encouraging people of many ages while simultaneously working, progressing and developing through his or her own efforts. By being directly responsible for his or her own success, your child will develop greater self-confidence and self-esteem as he or she meets with success after success. It is possible to create a better child because martial arts is more than recreation – it’s Re-Creation… re-creating your child into a more disciplined, focused, happy, healthy and safe human being